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1:1 Private Makeup Lesson

My beautiful client Caroline wore the wrong foundation for 15 years! She believed she was warm-toned, but it made her look too dark and orange. Within minutes I matched her with her Holey Grail foundation. Watch her video here, and read her testimonial to learn about her small but big transformation. 

No one needs makeup, we can live day to day without it, BUT it's one of those superpowers that can transform and boost your confidence and make you feel and look really good, especially if you're feeling a bit blah.  

Armed with little to no understanding of makeup,  it can make you want to avoid it altogether. BUT armed with the right skills and products that suit you, you can feel at your very best, day in, day out. 

Learn more about my 1:1 and group makeup lessons. 

Private Makeup lesson

A Makeup Lesson with Friends

Make your girls' night special and unique with a memorable and fun evening of makeup, canapés and bubbles. Renew your look and refresh your style when you become skilled at easy day and evening makeup looks, that suit your skin type and features, all whilst suiting your daily routine.

Group Makeup Lesson

Teen Makeup Lesson

I have a lot of Mamas with teens who seek my makeup services to help their teen daughter/s get on the right track when it comes to makeup. 

Makeup is meant to be a fun and expressive journey, so given the right tools, tips, and product application, teens can enjoy makeup without any outside pressure and know they are doing it the right way to suit them and their unique style.

Teen Makeup

Life-Changing Makeup Lesson! Finally Found My Perfect Foundation Match!


I recently had the most incredible makeup lesson, and I cannot express how grateful I am to Krystina who guided me through the process of finding the perfect foundation match. For 15 years, I had been wearing the wrong foundation, completely unaware of the incorrect undertones. But thanks to her expertise, I've finally found my holy grail foundation!

With her keen eye for detail, she skillfully analyzed my complexion and undertones, explaining the nuances and characteristics that would help me select the ideal foundation shade.

During the lesson, she introduced me to a range of foundation options, carefully considering my skin's unique features. She skillfully applied different shades to my face, explaining the differences and helping me analyze the results. I was amazed at how she effortlessly identified the perfect foundation match that complemented my undertones flawlessly.

If you're looking for a makeup artist who will help you discover your perfect foundation match and provide invaluable guidance, look no further.

Thank you once again!!


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