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Breaking it down! The new way of makeup application for busy ladies on the go! Live Online

As a new concept on the market I get asked often how the online makeup lesson's work, so here's a break down! Learning how to do your makeup online instead of the usual in-person lesson's give's you the luxury of your own personal makeup artist over a 6-8 week period, learning at your own speed and schedule, whilst having each session recorded so you can re-watch them when needed.

So, how does it work?

The first step is our line of communication. We send you an online Beauty Assessment so we can better understand your makeup needs, daily routine, skin type, what styles interest you, and what struggles you may have. *We then meet in person to assess what makeup you currently have, whether you have the right products that suit you, which products you might need to add to your collection and test colour tones to get your colouring's correct.

*(Global clients living outside Hong Kong please ask how this step would work when inquiring.)

Then we go to work.

We research, test and select the perfect makeup products from a variety of makeup counters ensuring each product fits your individual brief. We'll email you a list of recommendations accompanied by pictures, prices and a short explanation as to why we believe these specific products would work for you. You then decide which products you'd like to purchase and we box these beautifully and ship them direct to your door.

Now the fun begins.

We pre-plan your 4 x30 minutes live online tutorials based on what you want to learn, to what you want to improve. We start by showing you what to do on ourselves, with you following each step on yourself as we go. We continue to work on each step until you can confidently achieve each stage yourself. Each session is recorded for you to refer back should you need to.

The goal is for all our clients to walk away from each session feeling confident that they can achieve each look the very next day and every day thereafter. Read what my client's have to say.

And that's it, just three simple steps.

1. A personal assessment both online and via a 1:1 meet and greet

2. The procurement of makeup products specific to you and delivered direct to your door (optional)

3. And finally, 4x30 minute real time 1:1 online makeup tutorials, teaching you what you need to know about mastering your desired makeup looks.

For more info click here: Online Tutorials

Krystina x

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