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Your Smokey Eye 'Go To' Makeup Products!

Hello Makeup Lovers!

Today's blog is focused solely on creating a simple smokey eye. It's event season here in Hong Kong with so many industry and charity balls on it's hard to keep track! And even though I have a very loyal and constant stream of clients booking for their events, some ladies would prefer to do it themselves! So I'm here to help you with some useful tips, tricks and products! My 'go-to' products for client's who want a semi-smokey look, whilst keeping their look elegant and fresh are:

MAC's: 'Layin Low' & 'Quite Natural' paint pots, MAC Blacktrak eyeliner and any type of mascara, at the moment I'm loving 'Benefits - Roller Lash'. They are super easy to use, last ALL night which is super helpful in hot humid places like HK and the results are stunning! This look also suits ladies who aren't sure of what they want and aren't that 'into' makeup, so it's a nice in between makeup without been to heavy or a plain day makeup.

Breaking it down!

So you've got you main 4 eye products, you also need 4 brushes!! Yes brushes! From years in the industry I always come across ladies who either don't have brushes and use their fingers (nothing wrong with that), OR they have brushes and don't know how to use them. Basically you need brushes and you need to use them properly!! Once you nail brush application and techniques you're makeup will look even, flawless, it will last longer, and look amazing!

The brushes you will need are: 2x eye shadow brushes, 1x blending brush, 1x eyeliner brush.

Application Process:

Load your eye shadow brush with 'Layin Low' as your natural base colour, apply in small swiping movements so it covers your entire eyelid, but not going over your socket bone or it get's too crazy 80's looking!! With your blending brush, blend the edges to defuse and soften the shadow. Blending is key, I say it a million times to my clients but you notice the difference it can make quite significantly and it looks so much nicer!

With 'Quite Natural' you want to apply it as your crease and outer corner colour for depth and a subtle smokiness. The outer corner can be applied in a sideways 'V' and going 1/3 of the way towards the middle of the eye, (but not all the way). Start off lightly to build the colour up to the desired amount you prefer, ALWAYS remember to use your blending brush to take away any harsh lines and to lighten the colour if you've gone too dark, or over the eye socket area. Then apply your top eyeliner - MAC Blacktrack, or any other eyeliner that you may already have. I like to start in the middle of the eye to wards the outer corner, finishing where you eye stops and drawing it as close to the lash line as possible, then from then inner corner and connecting it to the middle of your eye to finish. You can add more if you need to darken or thicken the line. If you do make a mistake, cotton buds are your next best friend (right up there with a blending brush) and just lightly remove any mistakes. Lastly apply your mascara, like I said I'm loving Benefit - Roller Lash! Apply in a zigzag motion upwards as it give's volume, height & curl.

And there you have it! If it's all too confusing and over-whelming then I'm always here to create the look for you, for your events, OR I do private 1:1 workshops, or group workshops, follow this link to find our more!

Good luck & have fun at your event!

Krystina xx

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