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KTK Makeup Brushes: 'Part 2' Blusher,Shadow Blender & the Eye Shadow Brush!

Welcome back to 'Part 2' of my Makeup Brush Guide, today I'll be chatting about the 'Blusher, Shadow Blender and the Eye Shadow Brush'. I hope you enjoyed learning about my 1st three brushes, if you haven't read that yet you can click here to read, I also have vlogs on my FB page if you prefer to watch videos.

So let's start with the 'Blusher Brush'. I think out of all makeup products, blusher is the most feared to try and also the most under-rated product to use, as it can really brighten and bring life to your face when applied correctly! There are many formulas to a blusher being; powder, creme and liquid. For this particular brush I would only recommend to use a powder formulation as the the wetter products won't blend nicely onto your skin and it will look patchy. If you do have wet blusher formulations, apply with your fingers and blend with your KTK Foundation Blender or a regular Foundation Brush. So to start, load up your blusher brush with your powder blusher, tapping off any access product on to the top of your hand so you do put too much product on the cheek, smile to show the apple of your cheek and in small circular motions apply your blusher working your way towards your ear, you want to apply on a slight upwards angle but not too far that it connects with your eye, if you do that you have gone too high! If you find you have made a mistake, don't worry get your 'KTK Foundation Blender' and lightly blend and buff out the edges till they become invisible and your blusher is a more subtle in colour. I always recommend to start off light and build as you go!

The Shadow Blender is one of my favorite eye brushes, it is the key to ensuring your eye shadows are nicely blended and not looking too harsh and edgy. Once you have completed your eye shadow, with a clean 'KTK Shadow Blender' in small circular motions run the brush along the very edges of the eye shadow diffusing till the shadow is hardly visible and sits seamlessly on your eye socket, try to avoid blending on the actual eye as it will take away all your hard work. I also like to use the 'Shadow Blender' to set powder underneath the eye and the T-Zone as it gives a more direct coverage. To use, load your brush up with your setting powder, and in small circular motions run the brush under your eye and along the T-Zone to set and also take away any unwanted shine.

The Eye Shadow Brush is so light and easy to apply your shadow as it has Tafre bristle. I have noticed the eye shadow stays firmly on your brush and goes directly where you want it without any fall-out of eye shadow under your eye, which is great especially when you use dark shadows. With this brush you would only use powder formulations, if you have cremes or pigments I recommend to use the KTK Concealer brush.

To use, load up your brush with your eye shadow and apply directly to your eye lid in small swiping motions, go right up to your socket or crease line and not any further. There are many ways to create a certain look, but this is the basic way to use the 'Eye Shadow Brush'.

So that's the run down on these three brushes. I hope that helped, if you have any questions please email me here and I would love to help with your questions.

Part 3 of the brush guide will be on the last four brushes, the Eyeliner, Brow Filler, Smudger and Lip Filler, till then!

Krystina xx

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