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Part 3 of 3 - KTK Brush Guide: Smudger, Brow Filler, Eyeliner and Lip Filler.

Last but not least we have the last four KTK Brushes which are the smallest and lightest of the set, so without further ado, let's get straight into it!

Smudger Brush:

The Smudger brush is commonly used to apply, blend and diffuse your lower eyeliner, whether you use a pencil, eye shadow powder, gel or creme product, helping you to achieve the desired look you want to create.

The way you use the brush is; Powder, Creme or Liquid Product, load up your brush with your desired color and rub the product along your lower lash line going as light or as dark as you wish. For a Pencil Product, you would 1st apply the pencil straight to your lash line and with the Smudger Brush blend and rub the product to diffuse to the level of colour you like. If you ever make a mistake easily use a cotton tip to fix.

Brow Filler:

The brow filler is more of a stiffer brush with a nice sharp angle that will allow you to easily fill in and draw your brows. To use, load up your brush with a powder shadow and follow your natural brow shape, apply in small sharp strokes as you go along. If you make a mistake, I like to use a brow comb to disperse and lighten the colour, this trick always works perfectly.

Liquid Eyeliner:

Liquid liner is a tricky style to combat and achieve, purely because you need to get the line fine and defined which is super hard if you have no idea what to do. With this brush, you will become more of a pro and nail that perfect line. As the brush is very light weight it allows you to effortlessly glide the brush along your upper lash line, creating a perfect defined line. To apply load your KTK eyeliner brush up with your gel or creme eyeliner, starting from the middle of your eye to the outer corner gently move the brush along your lash line to where your lashes/eye stops. Lastly join the inner corner of your eye and stop at the middle of your eye, (where you first started the liner). You can continue the same steps till you achieve your desired liner look.

Lip Filler:

There's always one area of doing your makeup you would rather skip but needs to be, and for me it's a clients the lipstick. Why? I could never find the perfectly shaped brush, till I got the chance to design my own! My KTK Lip brush has been perfectly designed to line and fill in your lipstick with it's straight edges and pointed end, it glides so nicely along the lip-line decreasing the chance of any mistakes, perfect for bold and bright colours! To use: Load your lip brush up with your lip colour, follow your lip line and in short sharp strokes fill in your lipstick. If you make any mistakes, get your trusty cotton tip to take away overdrawn and un-wanted colour.

And there you go all four brushes completed! I hope all three brush guides have helped with the use of your brushes and makeup application.

If you have any questions please email me at:


Krystina xx

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