Channel Some Old-School Glam With These Easy Makeup

A red lip and black liner may be old-school, but it will instantly liven up your look! Whatever your go-to style is, it’s worth playing around with the classics. With a quick addition of some old-school glam to your makeup routine, you’ll be channeling those 1940’s style icons (think Veronica Lake and Rita Hayworth) in no time. Or to put a more modern spin on it – Dita Von Teese. We’re talking bright red lips, the perfect black liner, layers of mascara and a sweep of eyeshadow! The great thing is, this sexy and elegant look is really easy to create at home, so here are my top tips to have you looking like a Hollywood icon in no time.

1. Foundation Old-school glam all starts with your base. Yes, we are creating a 1940’s bombshell look, but you can also adapt it and put your own spin on this stunning look, and I think a glowing base is the perfect way to achieve this. Forget about matte and flat, think glowing, velvet and youthfully radiant!