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Dry dry skin! My top tips and product shout-outs that your skin will love.

With Hong Kong and the northern hemisphere currently in Winter, you might have noticed your skin is suffering from a mixture of dryness, chapped lips, a lighter/dull complexion.

If I don't moisturize straight after cleansing, I can feel my skin tightening and my under eyes starting to crinkle 😒 I've also noticed it more when I'm doing makeup lessons with clients, and their feedback on their skin.

So ladies I've written this blog to help bring some life, moisture and glow back to your skin!

The first thing we should note is:

For our makeup to look AMAZING, our skin needs to be well looked after and cared for, as that where it all begins! Makeup is like magic when it comes to enhancing your skin and covering redness, spots etc. However makeup can only do so much.... So if you suffer from anything from dry to flakey skin, it's probably your skincare that needs a bit of a spruce-up.

My first top tip. Exfoliate. It's a 1-2x a week commitment for just a few minutes. It removes old, flaky and dry skin, to reveal new, fresh skin. This can easily be done in the shower at night, pop it on first, massage it into your skin then whip it off.

Tip 2: Moisturize. I am still quite surprised that a lot of ladies leave this step out.

If you're going to start, or need a recommendation, I can not rate Coconut Oil enough! It is so good! It's natural, it's so affordable, and your dry skin will suck it right up and love it!

I would use it at night to start with, and to see how your skin reacts to it. Really massage it into your skin for up to 5 minutes, it not only feels lovely, but it's a great mini face workout for your muscles and gets the blood pumping through.

If you're not a fan of an oil going on your skin, then I can also highly recommended Embryolisse Lait-Creme. You can buy from Iherb, SaSa and Look Fantastic. It also doubles as a Primer #winning

I use this when I feel my skin needs that extra dose of moisture.

Tip 3: Clean your face at night, again I'm surprised a lot of ladies leave this out, or use normal body soap. No judgement here, you do you. However if you want better skin, 1. soap will dry your skin out and 2. leaving your makeup on, clogs your pores and eventually breakouts will happen. So ladies commit a few minutes a night to get the days stresses, dirt, and makeup off your skin. Treat your skin like your most prized possession. For me I use Coconut oil to take the surface makeup off, then I use the Tatcha Cleansing Oil, it's super nourishing, my skin feels fresh, soft and my makeup is removed easily!

Tip 4: Add a bit of glow to your makeup routine. I'm a fan of a crème highlighter like; Charlotte Tilbury and MAC Strobe crème, mixed into my foundation for an instant glow. Don't over do it though as you don't want to look like a shinny disco ball.

I would mix just one drop to your foundation, mix and apply evenly over your entire face. Remember to blend and blend some more. Always apply a translucent powder over the top of your foundation and in areas you think are too shiny. Laura Mercier has a great translucent powder.

If you find its too shiny for your liking, just apply a small amount to the top of your cheek bones, arches/highest points of your brows and inner corner of your eyes. Test and trial what you like.

Tip 5: Try a crème or liquid blusher. Adding that extra glow and freshness to your look. I can highly recommend these beauties:

  • Nars in shade 'organism' crème or liquid

  • Bobbi Brown Lip and Cheek tints.

  • Fenty Beauty - has a lovely range as well

Directions: Apply lightly first, as a little goes a long way with liquid/crème blush.

  • Dab a small amount to the back of your hand first, then load your makeup brush up - check out my KTK Foundation Blender for crème / liquid blusher application.

  • Dab any excess off, then apply to your cheeks.

You can always apply more when needed. But starting off lightly and in thin layers first will help you gain confidence in using this type of formulation.

So there you have it, I hope this helps and inspires you to update, improve and enhance your skin care routine, so not only does your skin look fab, your makeup will glow and look fresh. If you need any other help or advice, feel free to reach out! / WhatsApp: 56356623

Krys xx


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