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Fancy a makeover? These makeup artists in Hong Kong deliver the best makeup classes.

Get your dream makeover today. Heading to a party, wanna impress a date, or just because? Whatever the occasion, you’ll be able to get the perfect glow-up over the counter or in class with these makeup artists in Hong Kong.

’Tis holiday season and you know what that means – it’s party time! After getting your ball gowns fitted and your hair done, the next step is to finish that look with some makeup. Sure sounds easy, but for makeup amateurs (like yours truly), this can be a daunting task. Heck, even trying on a new look isn’t always easy, even for those who put on makeup everyday! Luckily, there are many talented makeup artists in Hong Kong who are at our service, whether in the form of makeup classes or a one-on-one session. Moreover, as social distancing restrictions ease, over-the-counter makeup services are now resuming in Hong Kong.

So, take a look at where you can glam up and learn better technique for your makeup in Hong Kong. You can trust these makeup artists in Hong Kong for your next makeover

1. Krystina Te Kanawa (KTK)

Thank you, Krystina, for my makeup! (I’m the one on the left) Makeup and hair services that make you look and feel your best” – this is Krystina Te Kanawa’s mission as a professional makeup artist in Hong Kong, and we can testify to this!

Hoping to master a natural but more professional look, I signed up for a one-on-one session with Krystina. Before the session, Krystina first emailed me a lesson guide, detailing what I can expect: a tailored, two-hour lesson, during which I will learn new makeup skills to suit my everyday life and target my specific cosmetic needs.

From basic skincare to using primer (I’m still using the one she recommended to this day!), to simple daytime eye makeup and an easy transition to an evening look, Krystina first put makeup onto one side of my face, then let me practise applying it on the other side, step by step. I was free to explore Krystina’s collection of makeup products, including those from MAC, Chanel, Tom Ford, Laura Mercier, among others, as well as her own line of KTK Makeup Brushes.

Soon after my session, Krystina sent me a set of lesson notes, containing thorough instructions and tips on how to replicate the makeup on my own. Above all, I loved that Krystina was kind, friendly, and meticulous – even a makeup noob like me walked out her studio feeling confident!

Krystina Te Kanawa is based in Happy Valley but will travels to you.

Reach out to her via WhatsApp at 5635 6623.


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