Makeup Lessons Online: A Review from Sassy HK

Makeup Lessons ONLINE? Say What?? Yes!!! Believe it or not, it's really cool and it works! I've done quite a few lessons with ladies who have all loved it and benefited from it immensely.

Take a look at the article below I did with the lovely Aoife from Sassy HK. This is when I first ventured out as 'Face Luxe & Liberty' now obviously my own name Krystina Te Kanawa :) She gives a really good run down and review of the online lessons.

Face Luxe & Liberty: Makeup Concierge Service in Hong Kong

Everyone knows that some of the great loves of my life are wine, fizzy cola bottles and makeup. Man, do I love makeup. I love collecting it, applying it, wearing it, staring lovingly at it and researching it. The one thing that I don’t particularly enjoy is shopping for it. You know the drill; you’ve heard about the latest cult beauty buys, so you pop into a beauty department for a casual browse and a potential purchase. What could go wrong? What seemed like a perfectly good idea now feels like passing through purgatory as you weave in and out of the crowds, scramble for testers and perch awkwardly on a stool in the middle of the shop floor. Not ideal. Enter the genius solution of Face Luxe and Liberty; an online makeup concierge service which brings you personalised makeup boxes and live one-on-one tutorials in the privacy of your own home.