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Why Makeup for your next Headshot is a must!!

Getting your makeup done for your headshots isn't a new thing at all, I've had the opportunity to do loads of amazing ladies! But I've seen a bigger uptake recently as more ladies are transitioning into more senior roles in their job, starting their own business, or upgrading their brand and image. These ladies understand the importance of getting one's makeup done as it:

  1. Takes away the thinking.

  2. You don't have to stress over how to do your makeup, and how it/you will look in front of any harsh lighting, cameras AND,

  3. Knowing you've booked the right makeup artist and photographer, ( I highly recommend Ali G, one of the best in HK) you're photos will not only come out incredible, but it will last the test of time!

Recently I did the makeup for a 16-year-old girl's headshots, she also just jetted off to Canada to film a new Netflix series, Aaamazing! So when she makes it big, she has a set of beautiful photos she can use for PR, social media, castings etc, that will help her to land those roles and promote herself, I hope she remembers us when she makes it big :)

So, from the big uptake in headshot bookings, I decided to write this blog about 'Why makeup for your next Headshot is a must' as it could be the difference between landing the job of your dreams, booking multiple dream clients, OR having to re-do your headshot because you just weren't happy with the way you looked #expensivemistake.

The Look:

We're not talking about false lashes, dramatic smokey eyes, and contouring your face till you're unrecognizable. Noway. It doesn't have to be dramatic in the slightest, as you can see below, look how powerful, confident, and put together these incredible ladies look.

All Industries:

I work with clients from all industries and professions, at the very top: Dr Tess Brown, is a very well respected and very popular Clinical Psychologist.

The images just above: Image 1: Isabella is an up-and-coming actress currently filming in Canada. Image 2: Lauren went from her full-time media job to starting her own media business. Image 3: Pavleta is an amazing personal stylist - which I've worked on some big branding shoots with. And lastly, you will recognize the face, this is my twin sister :) Laree Te Kanawa, she has recently transitioned from being a teacher for 10 years to now being a Rapid transformational and hypnotherapist Coach, who is smashing it and has clients all over HK and branching out worldwide including clients in Doha.

With all these ladies I didn't go overboard with their makeup, it's very natural and suits their personalities. Makeup when done correctly and with the right products, takes away any uneven skin tone, flaws, and blemishes, whilst defining and highlighting her best features.

Cameras and lights especially in a studio can be unforgiving, so makeup can really make a difference with how you end up looking.

If you're wanting to do your own makeup - my biggest tips are:

  1. Prep your skin well before your shoot, so make sure it's nicely hydrated and moisturized, as well as your lips, use a great lip balm so there are no dry areas. If your skin tends to be on the dry side, I highly recommend Jojoba Oil, it is a game-changer! And boring but true, drink plenty of water!

  2. Avoid putting an actual sunscreen on, this can cause flashback from the lights and camera, casting a whiteness over your skin. If there's sunblock in your foundation that's fine as it should only be a small factor ie; 10-15spf.

  3. Avoid too many shiny products. Eyeshadows opt for more matt or non-glitter shadows. Highlighters you can use, but use very lightly and blend it in!

  4. Lastly use a translucent powder to take away any shine and to set your makeup, I love Laura Mercier's translucent powder!

If that all sounds too complicated, you know where to find me. You just need to sit back relax and let me do all the glamming, so all you need to do is shine in front of the camera.

I hope this helps! And any questions feel free to get in touch.

Krystina Te Kanawa FB: @krystinatekanawa IG:@krystinatekanawa

Photos are taken by a mixture of my fav HK Photographers - some are unknown.

@annamariastudios @aligphotos @kasiakolmas @juliabroad @denisepontak

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