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Why you should do a makeup lesson at least once in your lifetime!

Makeup, on any given day can make you look and feel amazing, it can be your SOS if you've had very little sleep, or a few too many wines :) OR it can have the exact opposite for some, where you use very little because you don't know what to use, where it goes, or more commonly - because you're getting older?? (I'll address this myth shortly).

With the more clients I teach (which is on a weekly basis now), these are the main areas of interest to,

  • look and feel great in makeup

  • know that the products she is using is correct for her skin tone and texture

  • a fast and easy routine - 10 minutes max

  • allow makeup to enhance her features without piling it on

  • cover any un-wanted bits she doesn't like i.e. dark circles, redness, scars

  • know the right application for her particular eye shape: hooded, small, droopy

  • change it up from a day look to an evening look

Conquering these requests in the short 2hours I'm with my clients, jam packing all my 17 years of experience and knowledge into them, is truly a game changer!

In every single client I've worked with the transformation is so satisfying for both my clients and I. Every women or teen walks away with so much more energy, excitement, confidence and relief that they finally have the;

  • correct foundation colour,

  • a brighter and fresher under-eye area that once resembled tired, dull and sometimes dark sullen eyes,

  • to know the next time they have an event such as a wedding, they will look great in photos.

In a lesson, the ball is in my court, it's my responsibility to load you as my client up with immense knowledge and skills so you feel and look your very best when you wear makeup. My goal is your goal. Recently a lovely client of mine wanted to learn how to not bring out the red's in her eyes when she wears eyeshadow, she was a bit unsure if I could achieve her requests as she had tried everything. So I avoided all the colours she usually uses and bingo we nailed it, she was a changed women (so satisfying!!)

On the subject of getting too old. I believe that not to be true. Yes we all get older, but we can still wear makeup, we just have to be savvy about it, we need to understand our skin and what we can wear and how to apply makeup, it's something we shouldn't avoid all together. And I can easily help with that. You will be pleasantly suprised!

I will be honest, a lot of ladies wished they had sort my advice years ago but it can be tricky if you don't know where to go, who to trust, have had bad experiences in the past, or fear your money will go to waste. I totally get it!! But once you find someone (it doesn't have to be me) that is there to;

  • teach you the steps to suit you, your skin type and eye shape (so important)

  • makes it easy and memorable so you can remember to do it on your own

  • and doesn't try to sell you every product under the sun,

then it's safe to say you will be in good hands!

If you're not a fan of a private 1:1 lesson, then group lessons are super fun also, get two or three of your friends together and make a girls night out of it before dinner and drinks on the town.

Makeup Lessons should be structured around you, it's not paint by numbers, do your research and find the artist to suit you. You won't regret it, or what you might regret is waiting for so long to book in!

I hope that helps, any questions on my makeup lessons send me a message:

Krys xox


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