Will Makeup Work On My Super Sensitive Skin And Cover My Rosacea? YES IT WILL LADIES!!

Today I'm going to share with you Ron's story as I know a lot of ladies will share the same struggles when it comes to their skin sensitives and the numerous

times they have tired do their makeup, but have been left feeling disheartened due to it looking and feeling too heavy and taking way to long! I think you will love it, as much as I loved working with Ron.

I know Ron through netball, she was my coach for Hong Kong Netball, so she has known about my business for about 4-5 years now and whilst we were on tour in Singapore she even brought a set of my KTK Vegan Makeup Brushes, (which until our lesson, they were still sparkling new, unused). Ron has been a supporter since, always liking my FB posts and sometimes would be the only person to actually like my posts (hehe) so at least I knew one person read and liked what I had to say! Thanks Ron.