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Will Makeup Work On My Super Sensitive Skin And Cover My Rosacea? YES IT WILL LADIES!!

Today I'm going to share with you Ron's story as I know a lot of ladies will share the same struggles when it comes to their skin sensitives and the numerous

times they have tired do their makeup, but have been left feeling disheartened due to it looking and feeling too heavy and taking way to long! I think you will love it, as much as I loved working with Ron.

I know Ron through netball, she was my coach for Hong Kong Netball, so she has known about my business for about 4-5 years now and whilst we were on tour in Singapore she even brought a set of my KTK Vegan Makeup Brushes, (which until our lesson, they were still sparkling new, unused). Ron has been a supporter since, always liking my FB posts and sometimes would be the only person to actually like my posts (hehe) so at least I knew one person read and liked what I had to say! Thanks Ron.

So when Ron reached out to do a lesson I was super excited and so keen to help her with her makeup, as I know she had skin sensitives and Rosacea.

Ron was a bit apprehensive and wondered if a lesson would even work. But I dug deep and asked a lot of questions like:

  • what skin and makeup products she used

  • her daily routine

  • what she wanted to achieve with her makeup

  • her makeup struggles AND

  • did some study on her #stalkedherfacebookphotos -

Just so I could really understand her skin, her makeup needs and how to design a lesson that suited her and her daily needs, but it needed to suit her sensitive skin.

So the main four aspects I wanted to focus on were:

  • covering any redness

  • perfecting her brows

  • adding an eyeliner

  • explore different lipsticks


To create a routine that was simple, very low maintenance so her skin didn't feel heavy or get aggravated by product and so she could easily nail it in 10 minutes or less - which use to take Ron 1hour, yikes!

So we sorted a date and time and Ron came to my home in Happy Valley for a 2-hour lesson, and boy did we have fun. As we targeted each aspect, Ron's confidence grew and the smallest changes made a huge difference. It was exciting and a real pleasure to watch.

Learnings from the four targeted areas:

Foundation and covering the redness:

Knowing how to apply a product properly is key to achieving one's desired look and that included dabbing the foundation onto her skin with a brush, instead of using fingers where the coverage isn't even and it doesn't target specifically the areas you need. Also swiping the foundation onto the skin with a brush doesn't work either as it moves the product around on redden skin. Dabbing was a huge gamechanger when it came to covering the redness.


Ron loves to do her brows, but realized she was putting way too much on and they became too bold and full. I noticed straight away the crème and brush applicator was too thick as was the brush, hence the dense and dark the brows. So we switched to using a powder formulation and a KTK eyebrow filler brush and the change was instant, it was more subtle and fine and a better shape was created.


The way Ron's eyes are shaped there's not a lot of eyeshadow work we could achieve, so an eyeliner was the way to go. We used Bobbi Brown gel liner and a KTK #liquidlinerbrush and it was an instant hit. It brought Ron's hazel eyes out and it defined her eye area which added a touch of elegance. Ron was instantly sold and it was easy for her to apply.

*As a side note we discovered crème shadows felt too heavy and uncomfortable on Ron's eyelids, so we applied a wash of powder eyeshadow and it didn't irritate her eyes at all. #win!


Ron loves her lipstick and has used the same shade from MAC for 20 years or so, but I wanted to introduce a new colour and with all my clients, I make sure it's a red, because most ladies shy away from red as it can be a hard shade to get right, but when you find the right tone it can look super stunning. And I wasn't disappointed, we found the perfect lip pencil from KIKO in shade 319. Ron fell in love instantly and that was that!

There were many new learnings & win's but this would end up as short novel.

Ron walked away super happy, full of awesome but easy makeup knowledge that she can use in her daily work life and adjust for evenings and events.

We made good use of her amazing Bobbi Brown collection and added Chanel, Laura Mercier and KIKO to fill in the gaps. AND she knows how to use all her KTK Makeup Brushes now!

Below is a review from Ron who kindly wrote for my Google and FB review pages 💕

If you're struggling with your makeup, or need to freshen up your routine so it works for you, maybe a 1:1 lesson is just what you need!

If so, feel free to connect with me and I'll be more than happy to share more info and prices. Email me at:

Thank you, I really hope it helps and inspires your own makeup journey.

Krystina XO


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