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1:1 Private Makeup Lessons

1:1 Lesson

You're here on my website because you want to finally get your makeup right. Just like my client Caroline, she was sick of looking too dark and orange, she was fed up with wasting so much money on high-end foundations that didn't suit her, and looking back at photos and seeing her face was the wrong color. So she made the decsion and invested in herself and got the professional help that she knew she always needed. 

If you're serious about getting it right the first time with me, let me help you. My lessons are fun, easy to learn, and replicate. You walk away feeling like a new person. The only regret you will have is if you don't do the lesson. 

For more information, I have a Private Lesson Makeup Guide that I can send to you, it has all
the information, products I use, what you can learn, the process, and pricing options. 

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