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1:1 Private Makeup Lessons

1:1 Lesson

If you find yourself saying yes to any of the below, let's chat :)

  • You've noticed a change in your skin, so what suited you 5-10 years ago, doesn't suit you now.

  • You feel like you just take a stab in the dark, and hope that it looks ok.

  • You would like something easy, fresh and new, without it taking too long.

  • You want to feel comfortable and confident when applying your makeup.

  • You have hooded, deep set or small eyes and want to learn how to bring your eyes out.  

  • You have rosacea, dry skin, your makeup sits in your fine lines or dark circles - so learning how to cover them without it looking cakey and obvious would be an added bonus. 

If you can relate to any of these points, you're not alone. I've helped so many ladies with the above struggles and I'd love to help you too. With lots of ah-ha moments and your confidence boosted, you'll walk away having learned everything you need to compliment your skin type, skin color, and eye shape. 

For more information, I have a Private Lesson Makeup Guide that I can send you which has all

information, products I use, what you can learn, the process, and pricing packages. 

You also will receive:

  1. Credit to use toward my KTK Makeup Brushes

  2. I'll help recommend products for you and help buy them for you if you'd like.

  3. A full PDF file of everything we did for you to refer to at any time. Watch here 



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