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IF, like a lot of ladies you have trouble applying your blusher, an easy fix is the Tafre
blusher brush to solve your problems! The softness of the bristles allows you to add a
small amount of product to your cheeks, creating a nice natural pop of colour bringing
life to your complexion. The extra softness easily blends any stronger colours. Or, for a
finer blend I highly recommend the Foundation Blender to defuse your blusher.


How to use:

Load your KTK Blusher Brush with your powder blusher tapping off any excess product to the top of your hand, smile and in circular motions apply your blusher working the product towards your ear, try to avoid applying the blusher too high as you don't want it to connect to your eye area. 

Blush Brush


Ferrule - Rose Gold Aluminimum

Handle - Birchwood

Bristle - Japanese Tafre


Tafre: Tafre is a high grade sythetic bristle that has been developed to mimic the perfomance and high results of natural animal hair. The bristles are immensly soft and the results are incredible.


All KTK brushes are Vegan animal cruelty free, using no animal hair in any brushes. 



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