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Create the brows of your dreams with this impeccably designed angled KTK Brow Brush.


How to use:

Lightly fill in your brows with a powder product following your natural brow line, in light short strokes. For those who are more experienced, find the ease drawing in your brows to create your desired brow look.



Krystina's Tip: Start off lighlty then reassess if you need to add more depth and colour as you go along, don't be too heavy handed at the start, build your colour as you go to avoid any harsh mistakes.

And don't get too caught up if your brows don't exactly match, as no two brows are the same. 

Brow Filler


Ferrule - Rose Gold Aluminimum

Handle - Birchwood

Bristle: Japanese Tafre


Tafre: Tafre is a high grade sythetic bristle that has been developed to mimic the perfomance and high results of natural animal hair. The bristles are immensly soft and the results are incredible.


All KTK brushes are Vegan animal cruelty free, using no animal hair in any brushes. 



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