The KTK new essentials brush set is perfect for ladies who are new to makeup and
want to start off slow without being overwhelmed by so many brushes. The four
brushes cover all basics; from base, concealing, eye work, targeted blending,
powdering and blusher.


Set Includes:

Foundation Blender


Shadow Blender





Essentials Starter Set

$100.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price

Ferrule - Rose Gold Aluminimum

Handle - Birchwood

Bristle - Japanese Tafre


Tafre: Tafre is a high grade sythetic bristle that has been developed to mimic the perfomance and high results of natural animal hair. The bristles are immensly soft and the results are incredible.


All KTK brushes are Vegan animal cruelty free, using no animal hair in any brushes. 



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