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For those that want to create a lived in smudged under-eye look without the harsh line, the 'Smudger Brush' is for you. It's super easy to create and it fit's nicely under the lower lash line. 


How to use:

Whether it's a powder, kohl or gel liner, apply by rubbing the brush along your lower lash line for a lived-in soft effect, or a bold smokey eye, build as light or heavy as you like.



Ferrule - Rose Gold Aluminimum

Handle - Birchwood

Bristle: Japanese Tafre


Tafre: Tafre is a high grade sythetic bristle that has been developed to mimic the perfomance and high results of natural animal hair. The bristles are immensly soft and the results are incredible.


All KTK brushes are Vegan animal cruelty free, using no animal hair in any brushes. 



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