Corporate Headshots Makeup and Hair

One of the questions that people often seek advice on is how to do their hair and makeup for their headshots. Getting your makeup done for your headshots isn't a new thing at all. I’ve had the opportunity to do help loads of amazing clients for their headshots.

Recently, I’ve noticed an increase in headshot photography services among women as more and more women are transitioning into more senior roles in their career, starting their own business, or upgrading their personal brand and image to market themselves.

These women understand the importance of having their makeup done professionally as it:

1.Takes away the guesswork and saves them time.

2.Makes them feel more confident and just authentic Not having to stress over how to do their makeup or how they will look in front of bright and harsh lighting. be themselves during the shoot.

If you want to look best for your headshot, it would be my pleasure to help you get camera ready for your shoot.



Makeup $900pp HKD 

Hair up: $850pp HKD

Blow Dry/Style: $500 HKD

*Return travel fee charged.

*Industry Rates

1/2 & Full day rates

Please contact KTK.

*Return travel fee charged.

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