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KTK Brush Story... thus far

KTK Makeup prides itself through it's loyal & supportive clients. We listened and delivered, ticking all boxes to design the best makeup brush!

  • Animal Cruelty-Free

  • Vegan

  • High-grade Japanese Tafre, a synthetic bristle that mimics the superior application qualities of animal hair - without it being animal hair.

  • Suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Non-shedding bristles that won't break on to the face.

  • Soft as Silk, not harsh or scratchy even after years of use and cleaning.

  • Client influenced - with the help of KTK client input, each brush has their name engraved in rose-gold, to easily determined which brush to use.

  • A KTK brush guide that has clear instructions on how to use each brush, plus cleaning and care instructions.


Luxury, hard-working, conscious brushes all mixed into one brand. We do this all for our amazing clients and new clients that discover us daily.

Read what our clients have to say here, about the KTK brush range.

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