KTK Brush Story... thus far

Designing the KTK makeup brush line was inspired by years of working closely with clients who had little or no knowledge of using makeup brushes and were unaware they are so integral to making their daily makeup routine faster and easier. 


As more and more clients sought advice on brushes as regularly as 2-3 times a week, the entrepreneur in Krystina saw a gap in the market and set about creating her own products.


What originally started as a 3-month project turned into a year of researching 18 factories in 2 Countries to finally find the right fit. A Japanese manufacturer has turned Krystina’s vision into reality; resulting in a collection of KTK brushes she is proud of and is confident women worldwide already love.


The three key principles followed in developing the brushes:


  • NO cruelty to animals

  • Vegan

  • Shed-free


Creating an essential and aesthetically pleasing product borne out of several years’ industry experience, coupled with listening to the needs of her many wonderful clients is a dream come true for Krystina. 


The KTK range of brushes successfully launched in 2017 to substantial sales, incredible reviews and feedback from so many clients and customers which is humbling and fills Krystina with gratitude. 


These endorsements make this journey worthwhile the incentive to continually grow and evolve the range as a key part of the business everyday and is a key part of the business.

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