Makeup Brush Cleaning Made Easy!

Hi guys! So as per my FB and Instagram post yesterday (29th Nov) I thought I would do a blog on brush care.

As I mentioned I often get asked "How do I clean my makeup brushes and how often should I be cleaning them?" This is sometimes followed by "I've probably cleaned them 2 or 3 times since owning them" or something similar to that effect . . . ekkkk! I 100% sympathize, cleaning your makeup brushes won't be a task high up on your to do list, I'm the same for my personal brushes, I just can't be bothered, however it is key to longer lasting brushes, it takes just a few minutes, but most importantly it will kill any bacteria from your brushes avoiding your skin to break out.

As a professional working artist you'll be pleased to know I wash my brushes every time I use them, BUT if you're the only one that uses your brushes you will have more flexibility and time in between washes, I recommend once per week or at a stretch every fortnight!

So how do you clean your brushes? With warm water and