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Makeup Brush Cleaning Made Easy!

Hi guys! So as per my FB and Instagram post yesterday (29th Nov) I thought I would do a blog on brush care.

As I mentioned I often get asked "How do I clean my makeup brushes and how often should I be cleaning them?" This is sometimes followed by "I've probably cleaned them 2 or 3 times since owning them" or something similar to that effect . . . ekkkk! I 100% sympathize, cleaning your makeup brushes won't be a task high up on your to do list, I'm the same for my personal brushes, I just can't be bothered, however it is key to longer lasting brushes, it takes just a few minutes, but most importantly it will kill any bacteria from your brushes avoiding your skin to break out.

As a professional working artist you'll be pleased to know I wash my brushes every time I use them, BUT if you're the only one that uses your brushes you will have more flexibility and time in between washes, I recommend once per week or at a stretch every fortnight!

So how do you clean your brushes? With warm water and either shampoo or conditioner, if you have waxy products on your brushes from lipsticks or concealer a bar of soap will do the trick! Add the shampoo or conditioner to your hand, and rub your brushes in circular motions adding warm water when needed.

Continue this process till the water and brushes run clear. You can wash the brushes individually or in a group.

Once they're makeup free I dry them off with a towel and either put them in my makeup brush holder to dry.

WARNING: if you choose to dry your brushes with a hair dryer, be very careful, if the heat is too hot or you leave the dryer on the brush for too long it will melt the bristles, which I found out the hard way many years ago!

If you have the flu, infection or cold-sores etc, I recommend you wash your brushes every time you use them, or try to avoid using your brushes altogether and opt to use your fingers and cotton tips, less chance of transferring any bugs.

So there you have it, a simple and easy process that your skin will thank you for!

Any questions please email me at:

xo Krystina

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