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5 Expert Tips to keep your makeup on during the hot summer months!

We all know Hong Kong is famous for its hot and humid long summer months, which is a nightmare for ladies who wear makeup and for taming our locks. Despite our best efforts to leave the house looking fresh and radiant, it's all at a lost when out and amongst that stifling heat! Over the past 3.5years since I've lived in Hong Kong these #5 tips have helped my clients and I to maintain and keep our makeup actually on our faces, with multiple benefits.

Tip #1

Less is more in the heat. Get savvy & invest in products that are multi-functional. For your base, use moisturizers that have an SPF in it. I love the Clinique Super City Blocker spf 40, not only is it lightweight and oil-free, it's packed with anti-oxidants to protect you from the nasty Hong Kong air pollutants! Note: Apply a thin layer to your face making sure you rub it in thoroughly as does have a slight tint of colour to it.

Tip #2

Primer! Yes this is an extra layer, however if you feel your makeup slides off

and disappears by lunch time, then investing in a great primer is key to longevity.

I recommend two; Laura Mercier has an amazing range of primers that target

specific skin types and Hour Glass Skin Veil, it's more on the pricier side

however it really suits oily and sensitive skins and is mineral based. Note: Apply your primer after your moisturizer,

leaving 2-3 minutes in between each product

to settle into your skin.

Tip #3

Try foundations that are long wearing, this is a sure-fire way for your foundation to last the distance. I've seen some brands advertise their products to last up to 27 hours, I'm not sure if you want your makeup on for that long , but so you know, it does exist! Estee Lauder has a great selection under their Double Wear range.

Note: Bonus, long wearing foundations will dry matt so you won't need to add powder! For a dewy look add a drop of highlighter to your foundation.

Tip #4

Water proof mascara . . . ekkk! I know they're a pain to get off but that's the whole point, right? If your mascara tends to smudge onto your eye area then waterproof mascara will be your new best friend!

Note: Try purchasing mascara that is tubed formulated, they come off a lot easier but still have great staying power. DHC is great!

Tip #5

Long lasting lipsticks are great if you forget to re-apply during the day. Again there are many on the market it's just a matter of searching for them. I've recently been loving the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks - the comfort matt range.

Note: Long lasting formulas can be drying so make sure you prep your lips nice moisturizing lip balm, apply before and after for extra slip.

And there you have it my top #5 tips for longer lasting makeup

in the hot summer months!

Till next time - xo Krystina

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