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"The Lack of Diversity in Beauty in Hong Kong" Panel by Tatler Hong Kong and The Upper House

Diversity in Beauty Panel by Tatler Hong Kong
L-R: Heidi Yeung, Anisha Thai, Kieran Ho, Krystina Te Kanawa

Last Oct 24th, Tatler Hong Kong and The Upper House hosted the latest edition of House Stories and it delved into diversity in beauty in Hong Kong. I’m truly honoured and privileged to have joined the candid conversation alongside some of the industry’s finest - Anisha Thai, entertainer and influencer; Kieran Ho, senior vice president of Purple, a global luxury communications agency, in its Hong Kong office; and yours truly.

With Heidi Yeung, Tatler’s digital editor, as the moderator, we took a deep dive into how the beauty market often revolves around products catering to fair skin, leaving many individuals feeling overlooked and dismissed. Heidi emphasised the importance of greater inclusivity within the cosmetic landscape of the city, and we couldn't agree more!

krystina te kanawa talking in beauty panel
Source: Tatler Hong Kong

Creating a more inclusive beauty industry is a journey that calls for collective action from brands, retailers, and consumers alike. It's all about coming together and making a conscious effort to embrace diversity and ensure that everyone feels represented and included.

If you want to read the entire article, click here.


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