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HELP! How do I do my makeup? Nothing works anymore...

Sound familiar, regardless of age?

With my work, I ALWAYS have the pleasure of working with really incredible ladies and more recently ladies who have hit a milestone - turning 50, all requesting my help to get their makeup back on track.

With each client I work with, the same struggles have come up, so I decided to write this blog to give a bit of advice, a boost of confidence and tips when it comes to applying ones makeup.

For most, cosmetic help isn't an option, so the next best thing for a lot of ladies is learning how to apply one's makeup correctly to; update, refresh, enhance features, and boost confidence when walking out the door for work or going to an event.

When clients come to me for a 1:1 lesson I make sure it's tailored to their needs, so I get my clients to send me the following:

* photos of their current makeup products

* photos of them wearing day and evening makeup

* a list of struggles when applying makeup, and

* what she would love to accomplish in the lesson

More often than not, the list below is what a lot of ladies come back with and would like help with:

  1. Heavy, deep-set or sunken eyes; unsure how to apply eye shadow properly with age and would like to make them look more flattering.

  2. 20+ years of doing the same makeup - realising it doesn't suit or work anymore.

  3. Dark circles become more obvious in photos, with no idea how to get rid of them.

  4. How to use brushes the right way.

  5. To blend eyeshadows correctly.

  6. How to apply evening makeup that doesn't look like day makeup.

Loaded with all this information and a lesson designed specifically for each client, I walk each client through their list of worries, demonstrating on one side of her face and giving her the opportunity to replicate it on the other side of her face. If something doesn't work or look right, we will continue till she is comfortable with the look/application. Most importantly a client's own products are utilized as much as possible, but I do have mine handy where we need to fill any gaps.

Figuring out what goes where and in what order, can be a daunting thing and very overwhelming to remember it all, so actually doing each step is a big help, but I also like to take a ton of photos and notes that end up in a very detailed PDF, along with products and brushes used, plus product recommendations that I can help to buy.

Here are my top tips to help brighten and enhance your makeup!

  1. Conceal under the eyes! It refreshes, lifts & brightens the under-eye area. *Make sure the concealer is a least 1 shade lighter than your skin colour. *Use a concealer brush, not your fingers, it gives better coverage. *I highly recommend Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer.

  2. Fill in your #brows - even the slightest amount of colour to the brow can lift and frame your face.

  3. Wear a #blusher, a touch of colour on your cheekbones can make a world of difference.

  4. #Mascara. This can open, define and bring a bit of added glam/interest to your eyes! I love MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash mascara

Like I've said before, makeup is something we rarely get taught and it's something we throw on and wish for the best, or watch YouTube vids for inspiration (which by the way is not specific to you, so can be hard to replicate)

As we do get older, what worked 10-20 years ago may not sit right or work with the shape of one's eye or skin texture, which can definitely be deflating.

So adapt your makeup correctly, pair it with the right products and tools and you will see a big difference, it honestly will be a great buzz and confidence booster!!

If you are looking for help or advice, please do get in touch, it's what I am here for!

I hope this helps,

Krys xx

A surprise makeup lesson for a very happy and excited birthday gal, Jane, (3rd from the left) planned by her wondeful friends! A fun lesson for sure.


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