HELP! How do I do my makeup? Nothing works anymore...

Sound familiar, regardless of age?

With my work, I ALWAYS have the pleasure of working with really incredible ladies and more recently ladies who have hit a milestone - turning 50, all requesting my help to get their makeup back on track.

With each client I work with, the same struggles have come up, so I decided to write this blog to give a bit of advice, a boost of confidence and tips when it comes to applying ones makeup.

For most, cosmetic help isn't an option, so the next best thing for a lot of ladies is learning how to apply one's makeup correctly to; update, refresh, enhance features, and boost confidence when walking out the door for work or going to an event.

When clients come to me for a 1:1 lesson I make sure it's tailored to their needs, so I get my clients to send me the following: