Krystina Te Kanawa shares her top tips on how to choose the best foundation.

Foundation is something that can help us to feel more radiant, fresh and confident. But 65% of all new clients I meet say they feel uncomfortable using foundation. That’s because they are unsure if the colour suits them, or worry that it’s too cakey, too orange, too dry, too pale… the list goes on.

Working in the industry, I see these problems daily and know what a minefield picking products can be. The number one problem is that the foundation is too light. Even my own twin sister, who lives four storeys above me, was sold a foundation too light for her. She did receive a bit of a telling off from me, but in her defence the foundation she usually wears was entirely out of stock in Hong Kong (which can be a common occurrence) so she bought what was recommended. Thankfully I sorted her out with a more suitable alternative until her usual colour was available again, but that was $340 wasted for her.

This post will give you the knowledge and confidence to buy your perfect product.

I’ll break it down by skin type, so you can decide what type of foundation is right for you, before we talk about choosing the right shade. It’s worth noting that if you only wear makeup occasionally and have no desire to get into a regular foundation routine, I suggest investing in a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream for much lighter, barely-there coverage.