Eyeliner is super hard for anyone to create; I have been known to struggle on my own eyes! I've created this pointed eyeliner brush that is very light to hold so you can easily create the perfect liquid liner on yourself. 


How to Use: YouTube Link - How to use here:

Load your KTK eyeliner brush up with your gel or creme eyeliner, starting from the middle of your eye to the outer corner gently move the brush along your lash line to where your lashes/eye stops. Join the inner corner of your eye to the middle of your eye, (where you first started the liner). 


Krystina's Tip: The inner corner of the liner is always slightly thinner, with the middle to end thicken up a touch. 

Liquid Eyeliner


Ferrule - Rose Gold Aluminimum

Handle - Birchwood

Bristle -  Synthetic 


All KTK brushes are Vegan animal cruelty free, using no animal hair in any brushes. 



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